Top Eight Things to Look For When Choosing a Mod

Battery – Internal or Rechargeable?

You are going to want to know whether or not you want an internal or external battery. If you are looking at purchasing a starter kit, then you will have an internal battery with your device. If you are looking at purchasing a mod on its own, then you could choose from either. If you aren’t really sure what you want, that’s okay as well. I have broken down the pros and cons of both internal and external batteries to help you with this deciding factor.


– Internal Batteries:

  • LiPo battery – cannot be removed
  • Harder to replace battery if any malfunctions or damages occur.
  • Whole mod can be thrown out at the end of battery’s lifecycle.
  • User doesn’t have to worry about correctly inserting batteries.
  • Internal batteries are charged using the USB port.
  • Most devices allow for usage even while charging.
  • Always use the cable that come with your kit, or make sure it has the same power output. A higher voltage can overheat and damage your battery.


– Rechargeable Batteries:

  • Lithium IMR, IMR/Hybrid, and ICR Lithium Ion are the battery types used – can be removed
  • Lithium IMR is the safest and most economical battery type.
  • Batteries are purchased separately.
  • Requires basic battery knowledge (you can always ask for assistance)
  • Generally, external batteries offer more power, as they can be ran at a higher wattage.
  • Cost-effective: can replace batteries in mod when batteries reach the end of their lifespan.
  • Some can be charged via USB, however most require external chargers.
  • Find out what the recommended batteries for your mod are. (DO NOT COMBINE VARIOUS BATTERY TYPES)
  • Only purchase batteries from trusted brands. This ensures your safety and a more efficient battery life.
  • Don’t ever carry batteries lose, such as in your pocket. This can cause the battery to cease from working or even leak or explode. Plastic battery holders are available for purchase to avoid these risks.
  • External battery chargers, such as the Nitecore series, that terminate current after charging is complete are recommended. This prevents over-charge, which can cause battery failure.



Wattage may place a larger part in your purchasing decision. Higher wattage produces more heat, which allows for variable outcomes such as a heavier hit, as well as more vapor production. If you enjoy the supply of massive vapor clouds, then you would want to look into a mod that offers a much higher wattage. If you don’t really consider yourself to be a “cloud chaser” and enjoy a lighter hit, then a lower wattage would be recommended.


Atomizer Compatibility

This ties somewhat into the feature of Temperature Control that we will discuss later on in this article. It is critical that you always make sure your mod supports the atomizer you pair with it. If you purchase a Temperature Control Mod, only a rare few support all heating elements. This means that you are limited to which atomizers you are able to match with it. Let’s just say that you decide to purchase an atomizer that isn’t compatible with your specific mod, there is an extremely high chance that it will actually destroy your vape. Maybe the atomizer you’ve had your eyes on is the top of the line right now on the market. Is it compatible with your mod? No? Then don’t get it. For the most part, you should be able to read the product description to find which heating elements are supported by a mod. If, however, you come across a product that doesn’t have it stated: Research, research, research.



You most likely don’t want to be carrying a brick around in your pocket, so be sure to find a mod that is portable and compact to your liking. Keep in mind that the smaller you go in size the smaller the battery. A smaller battery means a shorter lifespan between charges.



Durability is essential because, well let’s face it: accidents happen. Find a mod that won’t have you worrying about it getting completely destroyed after one or two accidental drops. I don’t recommend running your car over the dang thing, but durable in the sense that it can get through a regular day of handling.


Built-In Features

Even for beginning vapers, there are a few built-in features that you will need to look for before making your purchase. While additional features can offer benefits like various LED light indicators, there are other features crucial to how your vaping experience will be overall.

  • Safety Features: Top of the list because everyone’s safety should always come first. There are mods on the market that offer various safety features such as: overheating protection, short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, and a child-lock.
  • Temperature Control: Not every mod is capable of supporting any coil. When you find a TC (Temperature Control) Mod, be sure to research which heating elements it supports – Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, etc.
  • VV/VW: VV(Variable Voltage) and VW(Variable Wattage) are features more for that of an intermediate/advanced user. It allows for personal adjustments and also implements various safety features to prevent any damage to the device or the user. The adjustments allow the user to change the heat produced by the coils. This alters the taste of certain e juices and allows the user to take either shorter or longer hits without losing out on vapor production.
  • Puff Counter: Pretty self-explanatory, but this is a great feature to have if you are trying to limit your vape intake.
  • Pass Through Charging: Not all mods have this feature, but this allows the user to use their mod while it is on the charger.
  • OLED Display: An OLED display is great for convenient reading over various information: time, date, battery life, voltage, wattage, resistance, temperature. On certain mods, you can use the screen to go into various menus for personal adjustments and view information such as the puff counter that was previously noted. 



The design or color of a mod is the very first thing you see. This makes it quite obvious that you will want to go with a mod that is aesthetically pleasing to you. There are various colors to select from such as black, gold, silver, white, red, pink, blue, etc. If you aren’t looking for a standard colored mod and are leaning more towards a more crafted design, then you have options like standardized wood, carbon fiber, or a marbleized body. Everyone’s taste is different, which makes for an unlimited selection. 


If you find a mod that you take a liking to, but notice the price tag is a bit higher than what you imagined, ask yourself if it meets the all other standards stated above. If it doesn’t, it may be best to move along and continue browsing. If the mod is on the lower end, there is a higher chance that it won’t contain all safety features or be quite as durable. It is quite often said “You get what you paid for.” Keep within your price range, but don’t settle for less and don’t get conned into spending more.

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