Magic Man By One Hit Wonder First Look

It seems like with it being the holiday season, vape brands are feeling extra giving with various product releases going around. I am sure that you are all very appreciated of all these new released being offered, but I am here to announce that there is another company feeling the holiday spirit… Joining in on the festivities is One Hit Wonder!

One Hit Wonder does it again by announcing the release of their newest e juice: Magic Man by One Hit Wonder! This e juice is a combination of all your favorite gummy treats. It is said to be the ultimate trifecta of all things fruit flavored. This is definitely something that we don’t doubt, as we have seen the flavors that One Hit Wonder has had the capability of bringing to life. We all have our hopes high and our mods set even higher.

While Magic Man is not truly available until December 12th, you still have the opportunity to put in your pre-order. This guarantees that you will get your hands on a bottle of the exquisite new flavor unlike those who may find it “wiser” to wait until the actual release date. Maybe they don’t the benefits of pre-orders or maybe there is some crazy conspiracy that we are un-aware of. Either way, we won’t tell them if you don’t.

I would just like to take this time to send love and appreciation to those over at One Hit Wonder for announcing this wonderful release. I know that all of us here at LoveVape+ are beyond ecstatic and I am sure that everyone else in the vaping community feels the exact same!

So be ready. December 12th is just around the corner…

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